SoloDiesel - Misfuelling protection

Do you know anyone who put petrol in a diesel car? Has this happened to you?

With SoloDiesel misfuelling prevention cap wrong fuel becomes a part of the past. Replacing the original cap with SoloDiesel cap is simple and fast and it physically prevents misfuelling.

Fueling your diesel car will now be safe, fast and comfortable and it also complies to all European standards.

You can save up to several thousands of Euros!

Install the SoloDiesel cap and save money and patience. Putting petrol in a diesel car can cost you a few thousand Euros, not to mention additional problems caused by lost time.

You think it can't happen to you?

Market studies show that one out of two drivers knows someone who has misfuelled. Don't take that risk - choose SoloDiesel and you won't have to think about misfuelling ever again.

Misfuelling prevention for almost all types of diesel car

The SoloDiesel cap offers protection from misfuelling for all types of newer and older diesel cars, even those older than year 1980. Eight different types of SoloDiesel caps protect 95 percent of all diesel cars.


Physically prevents misfuelling

Saves money & trouble

Easy to install & faster fuelling

Complies to all EEC standards

Potentially lower insurance premiums

Enviromental waste & no contamination

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