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  • Stress, telephone conversations and frequent change of vehicles are most common reasons for misfuelling
  • Every fifth person filled diesel engine with petrol at least once, while every second knows someone who did it
  • Vehicle repair costs of misfuelling range from 130 € to 15.000 €
  • There are over 1 million misfuelling incidents yearly only in EU
  • Some insurance companies no longer cover misfuelling
  • Misfuelling has become a serious environmental issue

Physically prevents misfuelling

Saves money & trouble

Easy to install & faster fuelling

Complies to all EEC standards

Potentially lower insurance premiums

Environmental waste & no contamination

General Business Terms

The following delivery and payment terms are valid for all business relationships with our clients. The purchaser acknowledges them as binding. Every agreement deviating from the general business terms has to be confirmed in writing by Enigma Novo mesto d.o.o.
The seller is entitled to change the general business terms without previous notice.

1. Offer

The subjects of the offer are the products registered under common trademark SoloDiesel.

2. Prices

The prices are stated in EUR and include Value Added Tax (VAT). The tax is deducted from purchasers that are legally not bound to pay VAT. The prices are valid at the moment of the order confirmation. The seller retains the right to change the prices.

3. Payment method

The seller accepts the following payment methods:
-Money order to the account of the seller (Alara d.o.o.) - through offer/pre-order
- Money order to the account of the seller (Alara d.o.o.) - payment on delivery (applies only to the scope of the Republic of Slovenia)
-Payment with debit or credit card through the Paypal system, when using the PayPal system the purchaser agrees to their general business terms, published on

4. Right of withdrawal

The purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract by informing the seller in writing within 14 days of receiving the goods. The purchaser has to inform the seller of withdrawal in writing within 14 days of receiving the goods, on following e-mail address: The goods must be returned in additional 30 days, undamaged and in unchanged amount. In this case the purchaser is obliged to cover the expenses resulting from the return of the purchased goods.

5. Delivery

The contract partner for the delivery of the consignment is Pošta Slovenije; however the seller retains the right to choose another delivery service, if that results in a more effective fulfilment of the order.
The delivery costs are added to the price of the product and vary regarding the amount of the goods and the delivery place. The delivery costs are borne by the purchaser.
The term of delivery varies regarding to the amount of the goods and the delivery place. The term of delivery is 7-10 days in Europe and 10-16 days outside Europe. The data regarding the term of delivery is informational and does not bind the seller.

6. Warranty

The seller guarantees the quality or faultless working of the product in warranty time.
The warranty is valid if the purchaser follows the directions of use, carefully uses the product and produces the original receipt. The warranty is not valid in the case of damage caused by irregular or improper use.
In case of legitimate reclamation the product is replaced. The warranty is valid for 2 years from the day of the purchase.
Information about the warranty can be found on the receipt. The receipt is valid as warranty.

7. Privacy policy and communication

The seller is bound to protect all personal data of the purchaser. The seller will use the personal data exclusively for the purpose of the order fulfilment and other necessary communication. The seller will contact the purchaser by means of long distance communication only if the purchaser does not expressly contradict.

8. Courts jurisdiction

The court in Novo mesto, Slovenia, has the jurisdiction over all disputes arising from the contractual relations, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The law of the Republic of Slovenia applies to all contractual relations.