Exhibition Automechanika Frankfurt 2010


The fact that Alara succeeded in penetrating the most important foreign markets, to reach the appeal and to develop good bases of distribution has been proved by successful appearance in the Frankfurt Fair, Automechanika 2010, the greatest car fair in the world. Two years ago, we presented with full self-confidence the new product and Slovene invention that was, however, a just newly born product to the world public, but this time we appeared there as a strong SoloDiesel team that acts and successfully sells its product in the majority of most important European countries.

Together with our distributors from Scandinavia (Mr. Dag Omar KVALVAAG – KEIS AS), Benelux (Mr. David BLOM – Blomness) and Germany (Mr. Rolf MAYER, Mr. Dennis MAYER – Axion AG, Mr. Henning PAHL – Pahl GmbH) and breakthroughs of our already well-established distributors in Italy, Switzerland and Finland we presented the SoloDiesel cover for the tank with the function of hindering fuelling the wrong fuel into the diesel car. With the clear demonstration, when the passersby tried the functioning of the product by themselves, everybody confirmed its perfection and the idea for its design itself, and many of them could even laugh about their stupidities in the past, namely quite numerous out of them had made the mistake of wrong fuelling, which had cost them dear, therefore they had been sorry for not having our product on their car already.

The most interest was shown just by visitors from Scandinavia, Benelux and Great Britain, from where most visitors were in Frankfurt, and where the product has been already so well established that great sales networks, filling stations and all those who may contribute that SoloDiesel would be at the disposal of final buyers would like to range it in their assortments. We reached new distribution agreements with other markets not yet covered, such as Greece and Eastern European countries. Several automobile sales networks have started to analyse the product and its potential ranging in their assortments, the confirmation of good idea has also come from Africa, Asia and America, namely the interest in selling the cover was also registered in the countries such as South African Republic, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, other North and Middle America countries, and finally – some good words were also evidenced to come from other European countries – Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, and also from Croatia and Serbia.