Physically prevents misfuelling

Saves money & trouble

Easy to install & faster fuelling

Complies to all EEC standards

Potentially lower insurance premiums

Environmental waste & no contamination

Why Misfuelling?

Why do we misfuel?

An increasing number of diesel vehicles means that there is increasingly more likely that we will fill our vehicle with the wrong fuel. In the past families owned only one car, but today they often have two or even three cars.

Depending on the taste of family members, the cars can be petrol-driven or diesel-driven or even gas-driven. We often loan diesel-driven cars to family members, who are used to petrol-driven vehicles. And before they know it they fill the diesel-driven vehicle – like they would their own – with petrol.

Inattentiveness, phone conversations, absentmindedness

It is an automatic reaction, habit or inattentiveness. A driver can be absent-minded, because he was distracted by a phone just before filling. Maybe he is thinking about a meeting he is rushing to catch with a company diesel-driven vehicle, whereas he has a petrol-driven vehicle at home. Absentmindedness followed by a mistake is not within the purview of one sex or maybe profession, race, education, etc.

Mistakes happen universally – they happen to everyone. Even haste or a full moon can cause a person to misfuel. There is no rule. Market research reveals that misfuelling happens to every fifth driver every year in the area of the EU. This means it happens to a million users of diesel-fuelled vehicles. But now we have a reliable solution, which will prevent misfuelling – SoloDiesel.