Physically prevents misfuelling

Saves money & trouble

Easy to install & faster fuelling

Complies to all EEC standards

Potentially lower insurance premiums

Environmental waste & no contamination

What to do?

What do we do after we misfuel?

The first rule is not to start the engine. And under no circumstances should we drive a single meter with a vehicle we have misfuelled.

The longer we drive, the greater the damage

A diesel engine reacts substantially differently to petrol fuel. As early as at start-up the pump will absorb fuel, which lacks lubrication ability – unlike diesel fuel. For this reason movable parts of the engine will rub one against the other and get damaged. The longer we drive, the greater the wear and the greater the damage. Even as high as a few thousand euros.

Do not unlock the door

In case of newer diesel vehicles you must also be careful not to unlock the car door with your remote control or key under any circumstances. Unlocking, namely, automatically initiates the pre-preparation process of engine start-up, whereas the pump injects fuel into engine and the glow plug starts to heat up.

Do not start-up the engine

When we establish we have misfuelled the engine, we should avoid starting-up the engine (immediately turn it off) and call the towing service. Our car will be taken to a service shop, where fuel will be pumped out and the movable parts will be cleaned, “greased” or replaced, if needed.

In order to prevent the mistake from happening again, install the SoloDiesel cap on the filler neck, and the cap will reliably prevent misfuelling from happening ever again.