? What is SoloDiesel?

A world innovation SoloDiesel is a perfect replacement of the original cap of the petrol tank with two additional functions (1.). Physical prevention of petrol fuel entry into diesel vehicles, and (2.) Faster filling up of the fuel tank without cap unscrewing.

? How does SoloDiesel work?

The key, vital parts of the cap are five safety hooks that recognize the diameter of the fuelling nozzle. In the event that you attempt to insert a narrower petrol nozzle into the wider diesel reservoir aperture, SoloDiesel disables it and blocks the fuel nozzle with the help of the previously mentioned safety hooks. On the contrary it enables undisturbed entry and fast and simple gas fuelling to the diesel fuelling nozzle with the appropriate diameter of the nozzle.

? How durable is the SoloDiesel cap?

SoloDiesel will protect your vehicle from misfuelling for the entire lifespan of the vehicle.

? How does misfuelling occur?

The diameter of the petrol gas nozzle is narrower of the diesel one, therefore it is physically possible to insert it into a wider aperture of the diesel tank and fill it with the wrong type of fuel. Stress, telephone conversations and frequent changing of cars are the most common causes of filling the tank with the wrong type of fuel.

? Why does the wrong type of fuel damage the car?

Petrol fuel disrupts the process of lubrication of a diesel engine and causes damage to metal parts. This can cause serious damage on the fuel pump and the system for fuel injection. In the event of longer motor operation it can lead to complete destruction of a diesel engine. After the performed extraction of the wrong fuel one must check all washers and filters, which are frequently destroyed as well as the entire system for direct fuel injection.

? What are the costs for misfuelling?

If you notice your mistake right away, costs are at their minimum. In the best case scenario (if you had not already unlocked your vehicle – unlocking in newer vehicles namely starts the process of preparation for ignition, heating of sparking plugs, pumping of fuel into the system for direct injection, etc.), you will only cover the costs for the pumping out of the fuel and the cost of the inserted petrol, which is on average 130 EUR. If you do not discover your mistake prior to engine ignition, there is a great threat of serious engine damage and the fuel pump, when repair costs can exceed 10,000 EUR. Not to even mention other problems linked with the inability to use the vehicle and costs relating to this problem.

? How common is the problem of misfuelling?

There are on average over one million of cases per year of misfuelling only in the EU, whereas the costs of misfuelling surpass billion of Euros. On average at least every fifth person has at least once filled the tank with the wrong type of fuel, whereas every other person knows someone, who has experienced this problem.

? Who most commonly misfuels?

All statistics show that the problem of misfuelling is not gender related, intelligence, education or status, but mostly related to the modern way and tempo of life. Misfuelling can therefore occur to anyone and everyone.

? Are the colours of fuel nozzles standardized?

In most countries it is true that petrol gas nozzles are green in colour, whereas diesel nozzles are black, but it is not so in every country. With the occurrence of new types of fuels the number of different colours of fuel nozzles is increasing and creating an additional confusion for the average user at gas stations.

? Are the diameters of petrol and diesel gas nozzles standardized?

In accordance with the standard EN 13012 the diameters of fuel nozzles at all gas stations are the same. The narrower petrol fuel nozzle has a standard diameter of 21mm. The diesel fuel nozzle is wider with the diameter of 25mm.

? What should I do, if I fuel the wrong type of fuel?

If you discover that you filled the vehicle's fuel tank with the wrong type of fuel, do not attempt to start the engine! If you have driven your car after misfuelling, stop immediately! With newer types of vehicles already the central unlocking of the doors (unlocking in newer vehicles begins the process of preparation for ignition, heating of spark plugs, pumping of fuel into the system for direct injection, etc.) can prove as lethal, therefore do not press the button »unlock« on your key!

As soon as you realize your error, call your local tow company, which will pump out the contaminated fuel and dispose of it in an appropriate fashion. At your local car service dealer also check all seals and filters, which are in some cases destroyed even if the car had not even been started after misfuelling.

? Does misfuelling harm the environment?

The entry of petroleum gas into a diesel reservoir contaminates the fuel mixture, which is lethal to the environment if not disposed of in an appropriate way.

? Do insurance companies cover the costs of misfuelling?

Most insurance companies do not cover costs relating to misfuelling as such damages are not acknowledged as accidents. Therefore in terms and conditions of the insurance there is often a statement of exclusion of coverage of damages relating to misfuelling or insurance terms do not even mention covering of such damages.

? Is SoloDiesel appropriate for all types of vehicles?

The fuel cap SoloDiesel is suitable for all types of vehicles, therefore personal as well as commercial vehicles (vans and lorries). With seven types of the product SoloDiesel we enable protection from misfuelling to over 95 percent of all diesel vehicles.

? How is SoloDiesel installed?

The installation of the cap SoloDiesel onto the fuel tank inlet of the fuel reservoir is above all simple and needs to be done only once. All you have to do is to remove the existing cap from the fuel tank inlet and replace it with SoloDiesel in accordance with the instructions attached. We suggest viewing the procedure of the installation in the form of the video here.

? Does one require special skills/tools for the installation of the cap?

One does not require any additional tools/skills for the installation of SoloDiesel cap. Please see the procedure of installation in the video form here.

? What type of function does the additional tube have?

Prior to the placement of the SoloDiesel cap inspect the interior of the fuel tank inlet. In the event it has a built-in hatch, insert the additional tube. Then you can continue with the installation of the SoloDiesel cap. Please see the procedure of the installation in the video form here.

? What are the advantages of the SoloDiesel cap in view of the existing cap?

SoloDiesel is unique because of TWO important advantages:

  1. It physically prevents entry of the wrong type of fuel
  2. It enables fast and simple fuelling without the unscrewing of the cap (as for example in Formula 1)
In all other aspects it is no different than your existing cap, as SoloDiesel performs all functions of airing and pressure regulation in the tank and is in accordance with all European standards.

? Who manufactures the SoloDiesel cap?

SoloDiesel is manufactured by the company Arex, d.o.o. from Slovenia, which has many years of experience with development and production of products of the highest level of quality in car and military industry. You can view the company's website here.

? Does the cap SoloDiesel work anywhere?

Seven types of the SoloDiesel cap are universal and perform their function of protection from misfuelling anywhere in the world. The diameters of fuelling nozzles are standardized, which means that this cap will protect your vehicle at any gas station.

? What is the price of the product SoloDiesel?

The price of the SoloDiesel cap is 49.90 EUR. For vehicle fleets we have special offers available with amount discounts, therefore we recommend companies to contact us via the demand form for companies here.

? Why is SoloDiesel intended only for diesel vehicles?

The petrol fuel nozzle is narrower than the diesel fuel nozzle, therefore also the fuelling aperture. This means that it is physically possible to fill up a diesel automobile with petrol fuel, whereas it is significantly more difficult to tank diesel fuel into a petrol automobile, as the fuelling nozzle does not fit the aperture. Statistics show that 95 percent of misfuelling occurs in diesel vehicles.

? Where can I purchase SoloDiesel?

For now SoloDiesel is available only on the basis of the offer/pro forma invoice upon demand here.

? How can I pay for the purchase of the SoloDiesel product?

Our online shop enables payments with credit or cash cards with the most common online paying system PayPal. Companies have the possibility of purchase on the basis of pro forma invoice or offer.

? Is the purchase of SoloDiesel cap on internet safe?

The online shop SoloDiesel bases on newest forms of technologies with great respect to the highest safety standards. We have established safety precautions therefore your private and financial data (paying cards and terms of payment) are completely safe while being sent via internet. Our online ordering system therefore accepts only information from browsers with a built-in data protection (SSL). The online shop has enabled payment with paying or credit cards with the most common world online payment system PayPal.

? Is it possible to secure an entire vehicle fleet from misfuelling?

The protection from fuelling the wrong type of fuel is offered to entire vehicle fleets of companies, of course only for diesel vehicles. We suggest that you send us a list of diesel vehicles of your company via our online form here or to our email address info@solodiesel.eu and we will reply with an offer in the shortest possible time.

? Is the cap also suitable for older vehicles?

The SoloDiesel cap offers protection from misfuelling both to newer and older vehicle models. Our database of vehicles to which we offer protection includes many models of diesel vehicles older than 1980.

? Can SoloDiesel be removed or installed to another vehicle?

The SoloDiesel cap is fitted on the vehicle only once and serves as a permanent protection from misfuelling. The removal of the cap is as simple as its placement. SoloDiesel is also transferable and can be used for protection for a multiple number of vehicles. One must only be careful with the suitability of the type of SoloDiesel cap for a certain fuel tank inlet.

? Does the product SoloDiesel come with a warranty?

Warranty is valid for two years from the day of purchase. The invoice counts as warranty.

? SoloDiesel Troubleshooting

Currently we have encountered few small troubles with few different vehicles. Mostly, due to pressure at gas station nozzles we have some issues with blow-back of fuel. This can happen from various reasons, as for pressure in nozzles isn't maintaned good enough and also some types of vehicles have very narrow filler neck opening, which prevents good air flow through. Vehiches that have some troubles with that can be Volkswagen Golf VI and Škoda Octavia.

Since we modified SoloDiesel to fit more than 90% of all diesel vehicles on the market, there is still 10% chance that after SoloDiesel installation, outside flap of the car will not close. One type with similar problem is Citroen Berlingo, 2010 onwards.

There are also some exceptions, like Mercedes Benz B type, which has some obstacles in filler neck and you have to insert nozzle as instructions on SoloDiesel say, so you lift diesel nozzle a bit, which then goes under the obstacle and allows fueling.


Comfortable fuelling

Quick and clean fuelling

Economical misfuelling prevention cap

SoloDiesel also protects the environment

Insurance companies reimburse for only a part of costs